This week in the NFT market.

#nft #weekly review Apr 01, 2022

NFTs continue to be a hot topic, with new projects and innovations popping up all the time. Let's take a look at what's been happening in the past week.

What's happening with Cosmodinos? 

Following a successful mint out, the Cosmodinos NFT collection saw a pull pack and the floor drop, but the last week has seen a strong increase to 0.085 ETH and climbing. Dropping to as low as 15 sales a day, in the last few days we've seen that streadily increase and it's at 323 today so far.

What's driving this? Well, we think it's the great new roadmap. For Q2 and it's looking good. We look forward to what's to come from the team, and are just disappointed we didn't buy more in the dip.

What have we been buying this week? 

Well, we got lucky with a prize draw from the guys at The Toonsquad, and we won a quirky. So we ran a twitter poll, and the community decided we should sell the Quirky and mint more Toonsquad NFTs (shocking I know). 

We've also been busy recording training content to help people get into NFTs (it's a free course here)  but we managed to get some buys in that we're really happy with.

Alex Echo v Parkinsons - A Daily NFT Drop.

We're pleased to support Alex Echo with his latest project - an NFT collection in honor of his fight against Parkinson's disease.

This project is personal for Echo, who has been living with the disease for a number of years. "I want to show that even though I have this disease, I'm still in the fight - 365 days a year," says Echo. We applaud Alex's courage and dedication in the face of such a difficult challenge. You can view the daily drops HERE, and follow his twitter for updates. 

Liverpool FC enters the NFT space.

This week saw Liverpool FC launch their first NFT collection, called the LFC Heroes club, and as we write, 6,454 have been sold. 

Pitched as a fun and innovative way to celebrate being a Liverpool fan, the collection features illustrations of 24 LFC men’s team players, assigning them superhero characteristics. You can check out the collection HERE.

Visa launches immersion program to help creators build their business with NFTs.

This week also saw the launch of "The Visa Creator Program" which is the latest in a string of initiatives that Visa has carried out as it targets the digital creator economy.

It's a one-year product strategy and mentorship programme for entrepreneurs working in art, music, fashion and film who seek to accelerate their small business through NFTs. According to Visa, the goal of the Creator Program is to bring together a global cohort of digital creators and empower them via education of blockchain technology and NFT commerce.

And finally, Samsung details how its TVs will become NFT gateways.

So, Samsung is coming good on its promise to bring NFTs to its TVs, by announcing a partnership with Nifty Gateway. Nifty Gateway says that it’s “now integrated with Samsung’s NFT platform,” letting you “browse, display, and interact with NFTs” on the company’s “2022 premium TV product lines such as QLED and Neo QLED TV.” Nifty Gateway will also have an app on Samsung’s The Frame and Micro LED TVs.

Last note from us, we're launching a podcast soon, and are looking for guests. So if you'd like to appear, drop us an email at [email protected] 

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