NFT Market Catch up (and the Ivy Boys and Girls).

#weekly review May 19, 2022

We're been super quite on Social, as we've been building. We realised with our clients that the current market environment is very limited for launching NFT collections, so we fixed it. And we're talking to some amazing artists and brands about how we're we're doing it. But more on this later...lets talk NFT's quickly.

We've seen daily active wallets drop from 400k back in Jan to 200k this week, so we're for sure in a mini bear, but we're confident it'll come back, so all we've been doing in the past few weeks is accumulating. More of things we like - Kiwami, Los Muertos, Pixelvault and more. Pick of the month has to be our Koda and Otherside lands. But we did want to specifically call out the team at BBRC Studios, who launched their Ivy boys collection in this environment, and not only minted out but held the floor on reveal and now it's steadily rising. And the artwork is fire. Go check them out HERE and view the collection on OS.

We grabbed a silver and some super clean Ivy Boys and Girls.

Looking forward we're also very excited about Mindblowon Universe reveal and the upcoming drop of ey3k0n - the team and art are amazing. Fully doxxed with so much experience. 

We'll be back next week with a full update and market review. Is the bottom in? Let's wait and see, but for sure we're looking for bargains in existing projects and will share. 


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