Liverpool FC enters the NFT space.

Apr 01, 2022

This week saw Liverpool FC launch their first NFT collection, called the LFC Heros club, and as we write, 6,454 have been sold. 

Pitched as a fun and innovative way to celebrate being a Liverpool fan, the collection features illustrations of 24 LFC men’s team players, assigning them superhero characteristics. 

There are actually two categories of digital collectibles - the first a set of 24 unique ‘Legendary’ 1 of 1 NFTs, and the second a series of generative ‘Hero Edition’ NFTs that combine multiple player illustrations to produce a unique digital collectible for each fan. 

At a price of $75 per NFT, the main utility is that you will get to join the LFC Heroes Club, an online community where fans can connect and engage with like-minded people and enjoy access to a range of ongoing benefits. Current bids on the 1 of 1's range from $16k for Klopp down to $1.3k for Keita. 

These NFT are minted on Polygon, in partnership with Sotheby's and half of the proceeds from the 1 of 1 auctions, with an additional 10% from LFC’s limited edition ‘Hero’ sale and 10 per cent of all future resale royalties will go to support the LFC Foundation.

You can check out the collection HERE.


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